Sassoli: We need to move on from GDP with new tools to measure environmental sustainability, social security and training. Growth cannot be infinite. 


Excerpts from the speech by the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli at the meeting of Speakers of the G7 countries on climate change

“We need to overcome this crisis with democracy, with transparency, with the full participation of our citizens. Democracy is something that we cannot suspend because of COVID-19. More than ever, we need cooperation. Parliaments need to work together across borders to show that democracy has not become outdated.

“On climate change, we have set ourselves a very ambitious goal: by 2050 we want to be a carbon neutral continent. We want to change, we want to put all our efforts towards achieving this objective. The Green Deal proposal has helped us during the time of COVID-19 because we have understood that all our energies, of all our member states, need to converge, need to be put towards achieving our common goals.

“The ecological transformation has to go hand-in-hand with sustainability, economic sustainability, social sustainability, and the struggle against inequality. GDP is not a sufficient way of measuring this. We need new indicators to understand the profound changes that are happening. We know that growth cannot be infinite, it cannot go on forever, it must take other parameters into account to be sustainable. It needs to be judged against what we are doing on training, on education, on social sustainability and the fight against inequality.”

The video of the speech is available here