Sassoli: “This conference is a historic opportunity for Europe, we must make it count.” 


Statement by European Parliament President David Sassoli following vote on the conference on the future of Europe

The European Parliament today set out its position on the conference on the future of Europe at its plenary session in Strasbourg. Commenting after the vote, European Parliament President David Sassoli said:

“The limits of the current model of EU governance have been made evident by the crises that have hit Europe over the past decade. We need to find a new shared vision for the future of the European project and define together the reforms needed to strengthen our Union. We must be better able to act in the interest of Europeans, must boost the EU’s democratic legitimacy, its transparency and effectiveness, and must ensure wide participation from civil society and citizens in this debate.

“This conference is a cornerstone on which to build this new Europe. It is a priority for us in this Parliament, we must work closely with the other EU institutions but also national parliaments, local and regional authorities, civil society, and most importantly with citizens to make it a success.

“Several issues that need to be discussed are already clear: the right of initiative of the European Parliament, ensuring the Spitzenkandidaten system works effectively, transnational lists, and reforming decision-making in the Council and a European electoral law. However, it must not be predetermined, we must be open to new ideas and new input from people from across Europe - to ensure our Union can best serve the interests of all.

“If all European institutions walk together we will be successful. This is a historic opportunity for Europe - we must make it count."