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Explicații scrise ale votului Cristian GHINEA

Deputații pot să depună o explicație scrisă privind modul în care au votat în ședință plenară. Articolul 194

COP15 la Convenția privind diversitatea biologică - (Kunming 2020) (B9-0035/2020) EN


. – My vote was in favour of this resolution. We need a strategy from the Commission that will address the main drivers of biodiversity loss, both in the EU and worldwide. The resolution calls for an EU-wide legally binding target to restore degraded habitats by 2030, and I believe that a special focus should be given to the restoration of natural forests.

Instituțiile și organismele uniunii economice și monetare: prevenirea conflictelor de interese după ocuparea unor funcții publice (B9-0047/2020) EN


. – I believe in an open, transparent and independent European administration for the EU, including institutions and agencies. ECA should undertake a detailed analysis of the approach of institutions and agencies regarding the management of situations where there are potential conflicts of interest. I voted in favour.

Raport anual pe 2018 privind drepturile omului și democrația în lume și politica Uniunii Europene în această privință (A9-0051/2019 - Isabel Wiseler-Lima) EN


. – I have voted in favour of this Resolution because we need to strengthen the human rights fight at an international level. We all need to be involved in actions to stop the increase of the number of attacks against people who stand up for their rights, who are vocal worldwide relating all human rights, we need to secure the freedom of speech and media, to protect our children against all types of exploitation, to have these rights as the core of our discussions with non-EU countries because this is key to protect these rights. I fully agree with the establishment and development of a new Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy, because I think this will represent a fresh start for good practice.

Raport anual referitor la punerea în aplicare a politicii externe și de securitate comune (A9-0054/2019 - David McAllister) EN


. – I strongly believe that with the new European Parliament political class the game has changed and we need to shift and shape our perspectives and actions accordingly. That is why I voted in favour of this Resolution, because the common foreign and security policy is subject to change and we have to do it based on our current needs. We need strong security policies, we need to have multilateralism as key to everything related to security and our main focus should be on maintaining the peace. I am glad that this Resolution states these matters clearly.

Raport anual referitor la punerea în aplicare a politicii de securitate și apărare comune (A9-0052/2019 - Arnaud Danjean) EN


. – Our political engagement in implementing regulations that will allow us to react and adapt when needed is a fundamental step to play a decisive role in external crises and we need to play an important role in the security area. We need to tackle external destabilisation, to secure our continent’s safety, to protect the security legislation and to work with the external actors to achieve these goals. My vote was in favour of this Resolution.

Poziția Parlamentului European față de conferința privind viitorul Europei (B9-0036/2020, B9-0037/2020, B9-0038/2020) EN


. – The European Union’s administration needs to be reformed. We need a new Europe, one that can be a powerful support for its citizens, that promotes the inclusion of its citizens in the decision-making, one that can deliver its promises for a prosperous and inclusive society. We now have an agreement between all three EU institutions, so the much needed conference can bring a fresh restart and concrete actions. We need to work together.